Patient Testimonials

I look forward to my visits to Apple Clinic. Dr. Seder’s passion for helping to find the reason behind my pain and making adjustments to alleviate the pain in my arms, neck and feet. It’s important for me to stay healthy and he is helping me with those objectives. The natural options available at Apple Clinic are endless, from the essential oils, handmade lotions and blends, to the wide variety of supplements, it’s a totally positive experience that brings me better health, education and peace of mind!

Diane B.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to pick up the phone and call Apple Clinic! I was having severe neck and hip pain. After a month of chiropractic care, I am PAIN FREE! I can now go to work and do my job without being in pain. The staff is GREAT, they are all so friendly and make me feel so welcomed.

Kathy W.

Having never seen a chiropractor, I was very nervous! I was experiencing pain down my leg and did not want to just be put on DRUGS. The staff at Apple Clinic has really helped me overcome my fear and Dr. Seder did a wonderful job of taking care of my pain. I recommend Apple Clinic to everybody!

Denise B.

My mom starting bringing me to Apple Clinic about a year ago because of ear infections and I have not had one since! Thank you Dr. Seder.

Nadia S.

I don’t know how I lived without Apple Clinic for 34 years. Every visit the pain and pressure just melted away and I feel more energetic at work. I can tell my body is improving after every visit!

Luke G.